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We are a group of highly experienced professionals with extensive experience of designing workflows, laboratories and providing strategic and operational management consultancy

  • UKAS ISO 15189 accreditation documentation services

  • Recruitment of technical skilled staff

  • Auditing

  • Training

  • Validation report reviews by HCPC registered professionals

  • laboratory software validation

  • Testing service

We have used our expertise in molecular diagnosis 

of viral pathogens to ensure various laboratories can

maintain both high quality and high throughput.

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Our COVID-19 response

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we have used our expertise in molecular diagnostics of viral pathogens to ensure various laboratories can maintain both high quality and high throughput. 


To further this we have assembled a team utilising key relationships with clinical/scientific colleagues, equipment and automation/IT 24partners to propose  a labs that could be uniquely placed as a series of "hot labs" near swab sites or with swab sites. We believe these could be part of the solution with most efficient turn around times and multiple efficiencies.


We have utilised innovative IT software to allow reporting of tests and return of results with all required governance and hold high level clinical and scientific experience to deliver the best for patients. We have extensive UKAS ISO 15189 experience and innovative supply chains. 

Utilising extensive experience Think Biomed offers strategic and operational design support in all aspects of pathology and other healthcare related service industry 

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“Think Biomed has helped us on various occasion with their scientific, technical and management expertise. We have worked collaboratively to provide innovative solutions to NHS and other providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include inactivation buffer swabs, faster more efficient extraction methodologies and robust workflows. We continue to employ their consultancy services and value their scientific opinion and insight in molecular diagnostics on a continued basis where required. We have worked with Think Biomed for over 9 months and we found them to be cordial, very knowledgeable and a well networked team of professionals.”


Ken Frizelle, Partner Sterilab Services

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“Think Biomed provided guidance and framework for staff training, laboratory documentation, troubleshooting, validation report review and sign-off to successfully carry out SARS CoV-2 RNA PCR on the Island with efficiency and numbers that were required. Think Biomed continued to support Open Cell with consultation on other sites with compliance guidance and improving efficiency. We found Think Biomed to be expert professionals, easy to work with and available when needed.”


Helene Stiener, CEO Open Cell


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“Eurofins utilised Think Biomed’s expertise in the establishment of their new laboratories for Covid PCR at multiple sites in the UK with a ground up design of the Guilford site. The laboratory was designed to allow efficient workflow and adaptability to allow the site to expand its repertoire of molecular testing in the future. The team worked to ensure the process, IT and systems were in place to allow the company to help test thousands of specimens a day.“


“Think Biomed also helped all Eurofins UK Covid PCR laboratories by providing training, IT analysis software validation and implementation and working to validate the end to end process in line with the DHSC requirements for general testing, test to depart and fit to fly. We found them to be expertly knowledgeable, diligent, ethical and hardworking in all our interactions.”


Tom Polkey, GM Eurofins County Pathology

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